Gwen Stefani Confirms New Solo and No Doubt Albums

Gwen Stefani, one of my favorite artists of all time, recently confirmed that she is hard at work on not one, but two new albums: a solo record and a No Doubt record. I am beyond excited about these albums, especially because Gwen hasn’t released a solo album since The Sweet Escape in 2006. While No Doubt issued Push and Shove in 2012, I still wanted more, and now we can finally look forward to several hits from both new albums.

Reportedly, Pharrell Williams is contributing to both albums. While he avoided giving away any spoilers, he hinted at the fact that Gwen is thinking outside of the box and aiming to really surprise and please her fans. The two haven’t worked together musically since 2004’s “Hollaback Girl,” although they have appeared together fairly often on The Voice.

In interviews, Gwen seems excited to escape the fashion industry for a bit and focus on her music. She recently wrapped up the L.A.M.B. 2015 Spring line and now has plenty of time to write music and explore a different aspect of her creativity. Apparently, she has been recording on and off as the mood struck her and is now dedicated to finishing both of these albums. While some artists may think that producing two albums at once is a challenge, Gwen seems happy to have more than one outlet for her passion.

I wonder how these new albums will reflect the major changes in her life. While I hate to admit it, she is growing older, and now she has three kids to take care of in addition to her career. I imagine that we will hear a more mature and unique sound from her, especially with Pharrell helping with the new tracks.