About Lindsey Stone

Lindsey Stone is a young professional who lives and works in Massachusetts. In her spare time, she loves listening to music, going to concerts, watching movies and television series, and reading books. Perhaps a music fan above all, she favors rock, pop, rap, hip hop, punk, and almost every genre in between—and maybe even a little country. Live music in particular has been a constant in her life, from her first concert at the local county fair to the Iggy Azalea show she attended earlier this year. Some of her other memorable music experiences include seeing No Doubt in 2009 and attending multiple N’Sync concerts—a fact she is not at all ashamed to admit. Stone’s love of music has also prompted her interest in playing instruments; her teenage Nirvana obsession inspired her to dabble in the drums, bass, and guitar.

Professionally, Lindsey Stone provides skill development training for youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She began her career in human services following several years in retail positions that left her wanting a more fulfilling, meaningful job that would allow her to make a difference in other people’s lives. Since then, Stone has worked for several organizations that assist individuals with disabilities throughout Massachusetts, including May Institute. There, she helped develop Individualized Service Plan (ISP) goals for clients and tracked their individual progress. During her time at May Institute, she received “Staff of the Month” awards on several occasions and was recognized by the Cape & Islands Citizens Advisory Board of the state Department of Developmental Services. After two years at May Institute, Stone accepted a position at a nonprofit that provides community living options for adults with learning differences and mental disabilities. She helped clients learn about self-care, money management, food preparation, and other basic life skills necessary for independent living.

Stone currently works for an organization that offers applied behavior analysis (ABA) and applied verbal behavior (AVB) training for young people with autism spectrum disorders. Much of her job focuses on improving each client’s communication skills, as many children with ASD have difficulty expressing their needs, which can cause frustration and behavioral problems. Working directly with children in one-on-one sessions in their homes, Lindsey Stone and her colleagues teach their young clients to assign meanings and values to words so they can effectively communicate. She also collaborates with families so they are able to reinforce the skills and concepts the children have learned, even after sessions are complete.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Lindsey Stone is currently studying psychology at Cape Cod Community College. She has also completed coursework at Clark University. Besides reading, watching films, and enjoying music, Stone’s other hobbies include traveling, dancing, and playing board games with her friends.